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Welcome to Empire’s car detailing services London page. Every cars appearance, yes even new cars, can be let down by defects in the cars clear coat and glass. These defects can include tree sap, brake dust, bird lime etching, swirl marks, scratches, orange peel and everyday airborne contaminates.

All of these problems can be rectified by using one of Empire’s detailing packages. Further problems are prevented by signing up to one of our maintenance package.

This new car protection detail is a bespoke car detailing services London

e. Because every vehicle is different and requires different attention and products.


  • Wheels/tyres/arches fully cleaned inside & out.
  • Doors, boot & bonnet shuts degreased & prepared.
  • Bottom half of the bodywork sprayed with pre-wash treatment to remove loose dirt and oils.
  • Snow foam the vehicle with a pH balanced snow foam.
  • Washed by hand using 3 bucket method and premium wash mitts for a safe swirl-free wash.
  • Tar spots & transport wax removed from paintwork & wheels.
  • Paintwork further decontaminated with clay bars to remove bonded contaminants.
  • Paintwork one stage machine polished to remove light scratches & improve gloss.
  • Paintwork cleaned with pure alcohol to remove the polish oils and to ensure the coating can bond to the paintwork.
  • Premium paint sealant and wax applied to every inch of the paintwork.
  • Optional upgrade to a Ceramic coating ( Exo upto Crystal Serum Light)
  • Alloy wheels protected with sealant to prevent brake dust sticking
    *Wheels can also be removed and fully sealed inside and out for easy cleaning using Gtechniq C5.
  • All glass polished inside & out.
  • Professional glass sealant applied to all glass to improve water & dirt repellency.
  • Exterior trim treated and protected using premium inorganic coatings.
  • Tyres protected with non-solvent, silicone free rubber preserver.
  • Engine bay plastics protected to preserve hoses and trim.
  • Interior cleaned & vacuumed.
  • Leather upholstery protected with premium sealant to resist dye transfer and wear.
  • Fabrics protected (including carpets/upholstery/mats) with professional fabric protectant.
  • Brightwork polished.
  • Vehicle inspected for quality assured.
  • OPTIONAL TREATMENT: Soft Top Protection against UV fade & improve water repellency.


From 1 full day.


  • Small: £300
  • Medium : £330
  • Large: £360
  • 4x4: £390

  • List Coming Soon !

This is ideal for clients that have purchased a new vehicle and have had my protection detail. This service is a bespoke detail that maintains the ceramic coating.

Service being listed very soon !

List Coming Soon !

List Coming Soon !