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You should started to think about your car winter Protection detail for the coming months. This is to protect your cars paintwork and windows. The rain and all the salt in the snow and grit damage your paint and window surfaces. Now is the time to start to book in.

As it is now starting to rain, soon the snow will come. When it does will your vehicle repel and hold off all the salts in the snow and rain. Are your cars protected for this coming winter, If not the paintwork and glass will NOT repel all the winter contamination.


Now is the time to give your car it’s bespoke winter protection detail. I cover London, Surrey Essex and Kent. I do travel further for the right detail package.


I can protect your vehicle/s with glass / ceramic coatings. You can have a sealant and winter wax to help keep your cars paintwork, wheels and windows protected over the coming months. As we all know that the winter months is hard on your cars surfaces and if not protected professionally, a winter Protection that hasn’t been applied properly can do more harm then good.

here at Empire Mobile Valeting Services checks your cars surfaces to see which options you have for your budget.

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