Get your Winter Vehicle Protection before winter sets

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Vehicle Protection for winter?

It is coming to that time off year again, yep your car needs a winter Vehicle Protection. We all know what the winter weather can do to your vehicles if they are not Detailed and Protected. Protecting your Car means decontaminating, clay barring and machine polishing the paintwork, windows and wheels. You can either have a Sealant and a winter wax. For even longer lasting protection “ie” five years plus for Vehicle Protection you can have a glass / ceramic coating. So after the cars detail the gloss is locked in, imperfections that were machine polished out stay out, stay out!

So if you haven’t got your vehicle booked in, then visit our site and see some of our work and clients comments. I will be happy to help you choose the right package for your vehicle/s. I have not been posting lately as I have been doing some work for a client that don’t want their shoots posted just yet, but they will be posted on Facebook, and I was looking for a new van. I found the right van but I need to detail and put a glass / ceramic coating on and get her sign wrapped. So this van will be ready for work in about two weeks. But now I can start Valeting and detailing supercars, sports cars, luxury cars and restore and maintain classic cars.

So remember if you haven’t got your vehicle protected yet, click on Detailing to go to my site. We have got a discount on my detailing packages on the mobile site, so you could save upto 33% on my yearly packages. There will be a winter discount code on their tomorrow night for one of my winter protection details. Why not sign up to my mailing list, you will not be bombarded with loads of emails. I will only be sending the latest offers and discounts out once a month on the first of every month. If you would still like to opt out then all you would need to do is hit the unsubscribe link, but with offers only available to members I think you will be staying for the savings you can receive.

Thank you for reading this post, and don’t forget to get your vehicle/s booked in for their winter detail and protection to keep that just waxed look all year round. Will see you soon with some more updates on the cars I valet and detail everyday.