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Great Mobile Valeting Service Give Away !

Thank you for reading my first post and welcome to my new website. So YES I am GIVING AWAY a Mobile ValetingMercedes Benz C220 Mobile Valeting Service Service to one lucky person that signs up to our newsletter. You can have the valet as is listed. Or you can add to it for a more comprehensive service and just pay the add on price. I promise you that once you signup you will only receive one newsletter a month. Unless you would like my offers and discount ones to. But I will tell you about that a bit later. All I am looking for is 50 people to signup and one lucky person will be picked at random. But please bear in mind that I only cover the South side of London and Surrey.

The picture on your right of a Mercedes Benz C220 was given a maintenance valet, and this is the valet that I am giving away. We have been very busy here at Empire the past year. This is down to you all with your valued custom, and I would like to thank everyone for your support. So this is how I can give back.


If you like the feeling of driving a clean car, and it makes you feel good driving a vehicle when it as been fully detailed. We have discounts on some details that restore and protect your cars paintwork and windows. Now the sun is starting to shine, you should now get rid of the winter wax and grime. Then rebuild the protection with the right products for the coming summer months ahead.


Valeting isn’t Detailing

I get asked a lot, what is the difference between valeting and detailing, well in one word lot’s. Valeting is maintaining the finish of the main detail, As in the detailing process all paintwork, wheels and windows are restored. After the foam bath, wash and decontamination process I have to take paintwork readings with a paint gauge. This is to see how much paint and clear coat is on the bodywork. This will tell me if the car as ad a respray or if there is any indications of an accident. Then I start the machine polishing stage, this can take a few stages to correct the paint up to 95 – 98% defect free. I will be telling you more about detailing and paint correction when my detailing page is live in a day or two. On the detailing page it will explain what really is involved. there will be full lists of the detailing services, and I will go in depth in to what you get and how I will accomplish that glossy finish with great protection.


If you would only like to be in with a chance of a FREE mobile valeting service at home or at work. Then please feel in the contact form and say that you only want the monthly newsletter. If you would like my discounts and offers news too, please signup with the Newsletter button in the footer.


I would also need access to a power socket to plugin my extension lead.

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