How I Started On The Road To Become a Master Detailer

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I have been in the car and vehicle valeting and detailing industry for 33 years now, I started valeting on my brothers sportscars and then on my own cars. Then I went for a job with a big known valeting company that does dealerships, rentals bodyshops etc, but with them it was you get paid for what you do.


So it was get them in and out onto the forecourt ASAP, which I was’nt happy with, but it was a job as a young boy. As I am a perfectionist in my private life and business, the company see this in me and made me a floater which is where I went to accounts that was in need of some help by training up the valeters that was there and keeping the account and bring back to the dealership a very high standard of Vehicle Valeting everytime. I loved this as i didn’t like staying in one place all the time, I was always moving to different accounts throughout London, Surrey, Kent, Hertfordshire, Essex and meeting different people all the time. Then I was made DSM ( Divisional Support Manager ) where I was the manager of all the floaters in my areas which was great fun. Detailing Supercars, Sports Cars, Classic Cars where they could really use my skills and stay on one Car for days if need be. Just to get the car defect free and the dealerships or accounts are happy and the customer who just bought the Car was very happy.


Then I moved into a different company and there I was area manager come but they didn’t want me to valet or detail any cars,  so I got a job with a company that had one van but a few clients, I was working there and that was where I could show my passion for giving high standards and show how passionate about car detailing and keeping them maintained. I thought for the money I was getting paid and the money they was getting started me thinking that, that was what I wanted to do. Start up my own company and give the best service I can give and all the passion I have for valeting and detailing cars from around the world.


So I carried on with that until I was left some money and that was it for me, I knew that mobile car valeting and detailing was what I was going to do and make a success of it, as for the money we charge is not alot for what you get. The service and attention to detail is second to none. As I put my heart and soul be it a outside wash to a full paint correction I only use top products for the right car, we are not a car wash where you take your car pay a £5 and get your car damaged, they only use one bucket for everything. I mean wheels, paintwork and windows and that is why you get light scratch marks. We use three buckets, one for wheels, one for the rinse water and one for the shampoo water so you know you are getting a safe wash and with them hand car washes all the water that your car is being washed with it as washed about 15-20 cars before yours. they use cheap products that is why they are so cheap and we only use the right product for the right car. Now I have been going for just over 11 years and we are getting bigger then we thought we would, got loads of regulars and account work, we had to bring on someone from my family and get another van for him as the work just started coming in. I tryed to book everyone in to please everyone as they didnt want to wait until we had a free space, but I just could not do all that work on my own. Now we are still going I bet a lot of people thought that I would of gone under by now, but I have just got bigger and we are here to stay. As if your reliable, honest, trustworthy and do a good job people will remember you, they might only use you once a year, every six months every month or two weeks or weekly they will remember you and pass your details to their friends, family and word of mouth is the best ad you can have:). I will post some of our work soon and keep upto date with the blog and some little tips and tricks for Car Valeting and Car Detailing and new products and offers.

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