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Mobile Car Valeting & Detailing services in London & Surrey Empire

Empire Mobile Valeting Services delivers the ultimate in mobile car valeting and detailing services throughout London and Surrey. Whether you need a outside wash to a full 50-60 hour paint correction. We are specialists in car valeting and car detailing services and all our car valets / detailing services will surpass your expectations as we go that extra mile to make your vehicle look its best by using the latest products, techniques and I have 28 years of pride and passion for detailing cars. As a mobile valeting and detailing company, Empire brings a wide range of car care services to your home or place of work. All our valets and details can be designed for your needs. All vehicles are catered for from your family vehicle upto exotic supercars and classic cars. For full comprehensive list of our detailing services or matte / frozen painted cars please give us a call or email and we will be happy to help.

We cover London and Surrey, supply all the water, electricity and the latest products. More importantly we have over 37 years experience in car valeting and detailing and are highly respected in our field for our unrivalled level of service.

As you would expect from a premier company we are fully insured and all car valeters and detailers are fully trained. Our prices reflect the superb service that we offer in London and Surrey be it valeting to detailing. We do not allot a time slot to your vehicle our valeters and detailers will work on your car until it looks it's best for the service you have booked. All valets and details are to my highest standards. If you choose Empire for your car care needs you won't be dissapointed. We now accept credit / debit cards via chip and pin machine.

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Office – 0203 689 1825        Mobile – 07790 937 233     We work 7 days a week!

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